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Troy Korsgaden- This guy ...Still one of the Coolest guys in our industry!!!

In this episode , the Mayor sits down with his good friend , Troy Kordgaden, These two talk about all kinds of good stuff. They take a quick walk down memory lane, these two dive into handling rate increases, inflation, how to have that conversation and they have a fun conversation in regards to customer experience.

Brad Toms- Saving Cats and Slinging Insurance

In this weeks Episode, the Mayor got to sit down with his good friend in Brad Toms, and learn what its like transistioning from fire fighter to Insurance Salesman and all the tips hes learned to help him be successfull and be on a reality show already this early in his career.

MAYOR SOLO! Mailbag Episode

In this episode the Mayor opens up the Mail bag and answers one of the most frequently asked questions in his inbox. We talk today about how to become a value add to your agents, to your customers, and even your prospects.

Mitch Gibson- HRM Insurance

In this episode the Mayor sits down with Mitch Gibson of HRM Insurance. Mitch Gibson opens up about growing a book of business at a young age , building referral Partnerships, building niches and so much more. Mitch has become a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

Alan Stein Jr.- You gotta hear this

Alan Stein Jr stops by Insurance town to give us an interview unlike any other , you have ever heard!! TRUE STORY. You HAVE GOT to check it out!!!!

Kelly Donahue Piro- Time Management Moving from Busy to Productive

In this episode Kelly Donahue Piro stops by again to visit with us about Time Management stratagies that if implemented will work in your agency. We also walk through my journey of get organized and working through these strategies myself and how it has changed my life and helped me so much.

Ben Skidmore- Adding More Value to Auto Insurance

In this episode the mayor sits down with Ben Skidmore of Clearcover and they discuss an independent insurance agency study that was a conducted by them and his findings and how clearcover is changing the game for Personal Auto.

Ryan Deeds- Better than Blue Jeans on Friday!!

In this Episode , Ryan Deeds stops into town to visit with the Mayor. The two of them wrap about life, about Sales, they talk about life in the insurance industry -Covid verses insurance industry Post Covid, and how to build culture in a virtual world. They talk about these topics and many others.

Ryan Mayfield - Enneagram Remix!

In this episode the Mayor puts together a REMIX episode from his 2 episodes Ryan Mayfield of EVRGRN ! The enneagram is such a powerful tool , and is one that I personally am fascinated with. Check this episode out

Having Fun in Insurance- My conversation with P&C 360

This week Mayor decided to launch an interview that he had with Property & Casualty 360 for an article that highlights and discusses having Fun in our industry. They had a good time and it just made sense to release it today as an episode on Insurance Town.

Brad Ruben - From Cyber to Agency management systems to Ratio of Peanut Butter to Jelly

In this episode the mayor sits down with new friend Brad Ruben of Archway Computers . He’s probably coolest computer guy I know. These two talk about all kinds of topics ranging from cyber security to agency Management Systems to Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches !!

Dr. Billy Williams- Dont forget the way home !

This week the mayor sat down with Dr Billy Williams and the two of them discussed “home” as it pertains to your agency.

Sarah Muniz- Undiscovered Voices

In this Episode the Mayor sits down with Sarah Muniz, the author Undiscovered Voices, unlocking the potential of women in Insurance. She comes in to the show gives us an intimate behind the scenes style look in to her story. Sarah shares about her struggles as a female in this industry early on in her career. We then discuss her thoughts behind the struggle to find good talent and bring them into our industry.

Dez Clark- Principles of Winning

This week the Mayor sat down with former NFL player and current Motivational speaker, Desmond Clark.

Holly Linder- Building Relationships One Post at a time

In this Episode , the Mayor sits down with his Friend Holly Linder and these two have a great time talking about her career as an account manager and how she uses Social Media every day to bring in new customers, increase retention and improve brand awareness. She loves all things marketing , relationships and insurance!!

Subcast : Chase Shearon Interviews Joe Bailey

This is the 2nd Episode of the CHASE SHEARON SUBCAST! Where Chase Shearon, interviews long time friend and agency owner Joe Bailey of Bailey Insurance and Arkansas First Choice Insurance. These two have a fun conversation and we get a "glimpse" into the Life of Joe Bailey.

Jon Cooper - Talking about his Overalls

This week the Mayor got to sit down with his Friend Jon Cooper, a serial entrepreneur and long time Insurtechie. He was the co founder and CEO of Life.Io and sold it and began his new venture in the insurtech space OVERALLS. Building great teams, unleashing talent, and using technology and innovation to challenge the status quo is what gets him going every day. This is a fun discussion about adding more value to not only your clients but also your agency, along with adding revenue to the agency, and improving the customer experience.

Casey Nelson- Getting your Stak undercontrol with Stakwise

This week the mayor got to sit down with his good friend Casey Nelson , founder and CEO of Stakwise.

Subcast- Chase Shearon interviews Sydney Hoffmans

In this episode the Mayor's brother takes over as he releases his first ever subcast, and the first ever subcast of the Insurance Town Podcast. Chase Shearon has a vision to interview local Insurance agents to Arkansas and surrounding areas. This week he sits down with Sydney Hoffmans of iTrust Insurance in Little Rock Arkansas. They have a very fun and candid dive into Sydney's Personal Life. Sit back Relax and Enjoy this fun conversation

Pete Mohr- Simplifying Entrepenuership

In this episode the mayor sits down with, Pete Mohr. Pete Mohr is an entrepreneur who loves to help out entrepreneurs. He’s even writing a book that discusses his 5 P’s of successful entrepreneurship. This is a super fun conversation, Pete owns a shoe store called Shoetopia, and a business called Simplified Entrepeneurship.

Brian Edelman- Cyber Conversation with FCI Cyber

This week the Mayor got to sit down with Brian Edelman at Insuretech Connect 2021 live and have a great conversation with him about cyber insurance

Charles Specht- Helping Insurance Agents Win Loyal Clients and Build a $1,000,000 Book

This week the mayor sat down with his good friend Charles Specht. Charles is a Former producer turned Consultant, he’s also a keynote speaker, podcast host and oh yeah a minister too. These two had a great conversation beginning with a walk down memory lane. they talked about his story, they talked about his ministry, and the way he’s helping not only insureds but also other insurance agents win using the AOR .

Steve Brossman- Stand Out from the Crowd

In this episode , the Mayor sat down with his buddy Steve Brossman from Australia. Steve is known as the 'Authority Catalyst' and we talk about how to become the leader in your market, FAST. With 30 years helping businesses stand out in their market, speaking to people in 15 countries to some of the worlds' leading business experts, he’s also a best selling author and just all around good dude.

Lindsday Corran - ITC episode

In this episode the Mayor sits down with good buddy Lindsay Corran of Geovera, at InsureTech in Las Vegas. They talk about everything from her experiences at ITC, her story (which is great) , to what GeoVera is up to these days

Kelly Donahue Piro- All Access Exclusive Behind the scenes Interview

In this episode , the Mayor has exclusive access and permission to ask whatever he wants! This episode is less about insurance and more about Kelly’s Story. It’s a lot of fun and they get pretty serious at times as well. Kelly is a very focused and incredibly successful business owner I’m our space. She has a passion for our industry and loves working with her clients everyday. Throughout the episode you will catch some incredible nuggets that you will learn from.

Stacie King - The Wobbly Girl

In this episode the Mayor got to sit down with his good friend Stacie King. You know her from her work with Agency Nation. She has her own company called Stacie King and Company. She is a champion of all things Social Media and a Cheerleader for digital communication and marketing.

ITC Bonus episode featuring Special Guest Nichole Myers of Swiss Re

Throughout the next couple of months here in Insurance Town we will be releasing a series of Bonus Episodes from the Mayor's Awesome adventures out in Las Vegas at this years Insuretech Connect conference 2021. This weeks special guest come from SwissRe . I am proud to introduce you to my friend Nichole Meyers

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