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Andrew Wynn- Changing the Game with Ascend

This week the Mayor sat down with his buddy Andrew Wynn of Ascend. These two had a great conversation about how Andrew has a desire to change the game for Agents when it comes to payments commissions etc.

ITC BONUS EPISODE W/ Today's Guests John Fohr & Alicia Sandlin from TRUST LAYER

Throughout the next couple of months here in Insurance Town we will be releasing a series of Bonus Episodes from the Mayor's Awesome adventures out in Las Vegas at this years Insuretech Connect conference 2021. This weeks special guests come from a company called Trust Layer!

Sydney Hedberg & Isabelle Repinski- Attracting Talent in our industry

In this episode the Mayor had the honor and privilege to visit with two bright young minds in our industry. Both of these ladies come from large brokers in Marsh & Mclennan and Lockton Companies. They have so much to share with us on the topic of attracting young talent into out industry.

ITC BONUS EPISODE W/ Today's Guests Lisa & Sue from XcelABLE

Throughout the next couple of months here in Insurance Town we will be releasing a series of Bonus Episodes from the Mayor's Awesome adventures out in Las Vegas at this years Insuretech Connect conference 2021. This weeks special guests come from a company called XcelABLE

John Bachman

The mayor got to sit down with second-time guest John Bachmann!!!!! We had such a great time on this episode ! We talked about his new books , we quoted lots of movies and tv shows and laughed a lot. However we also talked a lot about everything from sales, marketing, claims, and one of my favorite topics , networking and building relationships. John is one of my favorite people in this industry and when you hear this episode you can see why!

ITC BONUS SERIES! W/ Today's Guest Rob Tate

Throughout the next couple of months here in Insurance Town we will be releasing a series of Bonus episodes from the Mayor's Adventures out in Las Vegas at this year Insuretech Connect Conference 2021. This weeks Special Guest is my Man Rob Tate with Jornaya. This is a Company that I saw everywhere at the conference, they even sponsored the wifi. Jornaya helps you to know when your customer's are shopping you and helps you with the overall customer experience.

Peter MacDonald- bringing wonder back to insurance

This week the mayor sat down with CEO and Founder of Wunderite , Peter MacDonald. We have such a phenomenal conversation about everything from Education to how to get that perfect top of stack Submission!!!

ITC BONUS SERIES ! W/ todays guest Michael Reth

Throughout the next couple months here in Insurance Town we will be releasing a series of Bonus episodes from the Mayors adventures out in Vegas at this years InsureTech Connect 2021. This weeks Special Guest is Michael Reth from Axiom Connected. They are a digital-first company with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the automotive finance & insurance industries to help you improve your customer experience.

Luis Pino- Bringing some Culture to Insurance Town

This Week In Insurance Town, The Mayor got to sit down with Luis Pino, from Agentero. They have start off with a walk down memory lane, and how Luis got into the insurance business, and he talks about being Employee number one at Cover Wallet and all the things he learned from that experience and how he took that with him to Agentero.

Patrick Quigley- A new look on property insurance

In this episode the Mayor sits down with his friend, Patrick Quigley of Nearmap. The two of them take a walk down memory lane and discuss how Patrick got to where he is today as the Executive Vice President of Nearmap. They also discuss property Insurance in a whole new way using Nearmap capabilites.

Derek Hayden - #V4D

This week the mayor was able to sit down with his favorite candidate from the hit reality show in insurance , the Protege! Derek Hayden is a finalist for the show and should be announced as the winner ! Heath interviewed him prior to the announcement and they have a super fun conversation about what he has learned over the past year in commercial insurance. Derek is also a benefits expert and so many other things ! Check this conversation out !!

Jay Weintraub-Insuretech Connect

This week the mayor got to sit down with the co-founder and CEO of Insuretech Connect. These two have a great conversation about lead gen, Insurtech and his incredible journey to creating the industries largest and event of the year!!

Katlyn Eggar- Incredible Content discovered in the Insurance Town Lost & Found

Over a year ago , to the day, The Mayor recorded this episode with Katlyn Eggar. Some how this episode never got released ... UNTIL NOW! WE are so excited about releasing this episode. This will be the 2nd time Katlyn has been on the show, third if you count the Town Hall Meeting , that she and Justin co-Hosted with Heath.

Bonus: The Hurricane Ida Episode W/ The Flood Guru and the Merman!!!

In this Bonus Episode , After the disaster that was Hurricane Ida, The Mayor sits down with His good Friends , Ariel Rivera and Chris Greene. These two are experts and both have first hand experience with natural disasters. They discuss The aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Disaster preparedness, disaster releif and so much more.

Patience Noah - From Beauty Queen to Insurance Domination

This week the Mayor sat down with former Beauty pageant and now Insurance agency owner, Patience Noah!! She and Heath have such a great conversation about all the lessons she has learned , and how she focuses on educating her clients.

Andy Priesman-Growing a Scratch Agency

In this Episode The Mayor sits down with Andy Priesman, not only is he a good friend but also Wonderful Sponsor of the show. Andy is the owner of Cover Desk but also the owner of a very successful multi-location agency he began from scratch. In this episode we talk about how he grew his agency from Scratch. We wrap up discussing Cover desk and the importance of virtual assistants in your agency.

Tracy Cotton- The 'Nooga New gal

This week the mayor had the privilege to talk to Tracy Cotton, the 'nooga New Gal. She and the Mayor talk about all kinds of fun stuff, from developping your brand, to niche marketing. Tracy and Heath have a great conversation.

Dan Abrahamsen&Bridget Zoller - CoverWhale

This week the mayor had two of his new buddies on the show from Cover Whale!! They discussed the trucking industry and what it means to have smart trucking insurance.

Caribou Honig - The Man Who Wears Many Hats

This week the Mayor sat down with new friend, Caribou Honig, Venture Capitalist & Chairman and Cofounder of InsureTech Connect, a company that holds the world’s largest insurtech ex inference in the world. It is also known as ITC. They provide a place for entrepreneurs, reinsurance companies, investors, and other members of our industry to come Together in one place and network. Caribou and Heath have an incredible conversation surrounding the insurance tech space and where the future lies.

The Grind Series - Account Manager edition

This episode is completely different , I was able to get my hands on a recording from Earlier this year with the PIA of ARKANSAS, the Grind Series: account Manager edition. This recording is an amazing discussion facilitated by Staci Shearon.

Wes Becknell- Embracing the next generation of Insurance Professionals

In this episode the mayor sits down with long time friend and mentor to many, Wes Becknell. These two reminisce about the old days , they discuss the importance of embracing and ushering in the next generation of insurance professionals. Heath and Wes get into some fun conversations about just being a good human being, before finally wrapping up discussing what’s new with Wes and his newest ventures in the industry.

Town Hall Meeting - w/ Justin and Katlyn Eggar

This episode is our prerecorded Town Hall with Justin and Katlyn Eggar. We had a great conversation with lots of incredible questions from many of you that joined the live call! In case you missed the live meeting . I wanted you to hear it live right here in INSURANCE TOWN PODCAST!

Aaron Gordon - Cross Generational Selling

In this episode The mayor sits down with good buddy and insurance rock star, Aaron Gordon. They talk about being second generation insurance professionals and selling across multiple generations. From baby boomers to millennials to the next one coming up.

Brett Young- “Figuring It Out”

This week the Mayor, Heath Shearon Sat down with his good buddy, Brett Young of Erb and Young.

John Bachmann- The Customer Experience

This week the Mayor sat down with his good buddy John Bauchman.

BONUS Episode: Lorenzo Di Tonti

In this BONUS episode the Mayor sits down with Lorenzo Di Tonti to discuss his new book, called "Flushy: A Tale of Corporate Satire in the Insurance Industry" This was a fun conversation about the author and the journey of creating this book.

Dale Steinke- Building your Brand/Authority Online!

This week the mayor sat down with Dale Steinke from Liberty Mutual & Safeco Insurance. They have a Fun conversation about marketing , building your agency’s brand, your authority, using video, etc. Dale is so passionate about our industry and it shows . Safeco has several programs that were created to help our industry, to help agencies grow , programs like Bricks & Clicks, Agent for the Future and we get to hear about those in this episode.

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