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Chad Skinner- From TV Land to Insurance Town

This week in Insurance Town the Mayor had the opportunity to sit down and visit with, good friend, and  12 time EMMY AWARD winning, CHAD SKINNER. Heath and Chad have a...

Mayor Remix- A Remix of a few Mayor Solos

This is a remix episode of several stories and highlights from the last 3 or 4 mayor solo episodes. Thank you all for listening the Mayor truly appreciates the love an...

Syd Roe- Triathlon's, Demand Gen Marketing, and much more!!

In this week's episode we are celebrating a milestone. Episode 200!!! We invited none other than our Mayor of Insurance Town, Heath Shearon's good friend, colleague an...

Andy Runyon- Cyber Insurance Hacks you need to hear

In this weeks episode of Insurance Town, The Mayor sits down with his good friend Andy Runyon!! Sponsors Smart Choice Olde School MarketingManscaped Canopy Connect 

Becky Monfre- Commercial Insurance with some Hot Takes Sprinkled on top!

This week In Insurance Town the Mayor sits down with his good friend Becky Monfre,VP of Digital Accounts at Coterie Insurance. Becky and the Mayor talk about everythin...

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