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Brett Young- “Figuring It Out”

This week the Mayor, Heath Shearon Sat down with his good buddy, Brett Young of Erb and Young.

John Bachmann- The Customer Experience

This week the Mayor sat down with his good buddy John Bauchman.

BONUS Episode: Lorenzo Di Tonti

In this BONUS episode the Mayor sits down with Lorenzo Di Tonti to discuss his new book, called "Flushy: A Tale of Corporate Satire in the Insurance Industry" This was a fun conversation about the author and the journey of creating this book.

Dale Steinke- Building your Brand/Authority Online!

This week the mayor sat down with Dale Steinke from Liberty Mutual & Safeco Insurance. They have a Fun conversation about marketing , building your agency’s brand, your authority, using video, etc. Dale is so passionate about our industry and it shows . Safeco has several programs that were created to help our industry, to help agencies grow , programs like Bricks & Clicks, Agent for the Future and we get to hear about those in this episode.

Broker Brett- talking shop

Cal Durland- get more out of Ivans

This week the mayor sat down with Cal Durland, Interface Optimization Director. She and the Mayor talk about Ivan’s, and how so many agents are missing half of their downloads and don’t even know it. It’s time to step up your game with Ivan’s and Cal wants to show you how.

Ted and Arleen Taveras

The mayor had an incredible conversation with good friends Ted and Arleen Tarveras of Spot on Insurance.

Town Hall Meeting- Andy Mathisen

Insurance Town Hall Meeting release with my man Andy Mathisen. We learn how he took his mom and pop agency from 5 million to 100,000 million in a short period of time. Super impressive, and on top of that he has began an incredible tech company with his brother in Glove Box. Check this out and learn more about all these things and more

Mick Hunt - Be Committed to the Process

This week the Mayor sat down with his friend Mick Hunt. The two of them had a fun conversation about lots of important topics. Mick took his walk down memory lane with Heath, they also discussed how he scaled from scratch to 3 million in revenue at a rapid pace, and then they discussed processes , associations, strategy.

Selah Hirsch - highly caffeinated and fully loaded with passion for Branding

This week the mayor sits down with Selah Hirsch, Branding genius, owner of Express My Brand.

Heath Shearon- The Mayor solo

The Mayor solo: this episode is special because it started off as the Mayor recording an intro for a different episode and turned into him sharing his heart. Maybe a little rambling at times but it was sharing his heart nonetheless. He talks about why the mayor, why insurance town. He talk about his love for this industry , for you his citizens, and for the guests had on the show. He then spends some time recapping his first year as a podcast host, talks about his awesome sponsors etc etc .

Dr. Billy Williams- Town Hall Meeting

This week I am proudly releasing our 3rd Town hall meeting of 2021 with special guest Dr. Billy Williams!! You will hear so many gold Nuggets dropped out of his mouth in this episode.

Chris Evins - Knowing your Role and owning it

The mayor sat down with Chris Evins of Evins Insurance. He is the embodiment of the hustler! This guy never stops improving. In this episode you will hear his story of getting in the business his journey to becoming listed in the HOT 100 insurance agents in the country.

Peter Teresi- Talking all things Certs

This week the Mayor Sits down with Peter Terasi of Certificial in a special Bonus Episode. We hear his story and how he came from Accord and saw a need and decided to do something about it. He created Certificial. This is game changing stuff to save time , energy, money and help you become more efficient and become a biggger asset to your clients.

Aaron Steffey- Fisher Price explanation of Bonds

This week the Mayor sits down with Aaron Steffey co-founder of Propeller Bonds. We discuss a topic in insurance that is scary to most agencies. This is a topic that is scary because a lot of agents are not educated in Bonds, or they don’t have access to the tools they need to better serve their customers bonding needs

Dawnyel Smink- There’s Power in Numbers

This week the mayor sat down with Canyan land Insurance President Dawnyel Smink.

Town Hall Meeting w/ Bradley Flowers

This episode is going to sound a little different, that’s because we are releasing last months townhall meeting as a fill episode, for those who missed it. We had special guest Bradley Flowers join us along with some other familiar voices.

Brian Ahearn- Persuasive selling

This week the Mayor sits down with the author, Brian Ahearn. He’s the author of 2 incredible sales books. Influence PEOPLE and Persuasive selling.

Tolga Tezel- Game changing technology

In this episode the Mayor is re-joined by good friend and sponsor Tolga Tezel. He’s the CEO and Founder of Canopy Connecf.! he does a really good job explaining API’s what those msan, we disusss linkedin clubhouse, and he gives his entrepreneurial hat and the inspire us and give us some great advice. Check this one out it’s a great good news

Ted Clouser- Linkedin Established My Brand

This week Ted Clouser of PCA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS stopped by to visit. We talked about a ton and different topics. He told his story, we discussed Company culture, social media, and cyber Hygiene. He’s such a cool guy

Talia Riser - Rise Up

This week the Mayor sat down with good friend, Talia Riser. She tells her fascinating story of growing her brand from scratch and her passion for helping so many others to find their own brand. She discusses how she helps others implement strategies to make more money using social media to grow their business.

Ron Shroyer- Who is Donna, and Why is she so important to my agency?

This Week the Mayor sat down with Ron Shroyer, of Aureus Analytics. He and I discuss his story of getting into the insurance Industry, we discuss the “Onboarding experience” within agencies and how he sees that evolving. We get into the discussion of the Aureus Analytics and how they are changing the game for so many agencies. He shares with us the story of Donna, and how she got her name, and how this product is revolutionizing the customer experience from the inside out.

Matt Aaron- There’s an App for that

The Mayor, sits down with Matt Aaron, the two of them discuss his journey from the entertainment industry to developing Apps and how he developed an insurance agent App for agencies to Engage with their clients better.

Matt Naimoli- We’re not Joking around here

In this weeks episode the mayor sits down with Matt Naimoli, co-founder of G&N insurance. He shares his cool story and how he and his partner scaled so quickly and the fun they had along the way! ** my Apologies on my sound on this episode ** Matt’s mic is great mine got screwed up a little *** don’t turn it off tho lol

Daniel Seong- Relentless Pursuit of the Next One

This week the Mayor sat down with Daniel Seong. Daniel is the owner of Great Park Insurance in California. He and I discuss his amazing story. He is such a fantastic leader in his agency , his community , and his Family. He has a passion for growing his agency by a relentless pursuit of new business. What he refers to as the “next one”

Kim Angeli- The Girl Nextdoor

This week the Mayor sat down with Kim Angeli, the founder and CEO of Grateful Box, INC. After over a decade of owning her own successful Insurance Agency. She decided to sell her agency and and focus on her attention on Gratitude and helping people grow their businesses through Grateful Box. This also led to her consulting with agencies on using the Nextdoor App in their marketing efforts. This one is a fun one . Listen to her story and wonderful tips and tricks on the nextdoor app

Mitch Gibson-Insuring His Town, His Way

This week The Mayor, Heath Shearon, sat down with Mitch Gibson of HRM Insurance Services. He is a Young Insurance Professional with an old soul and new and fresh ideas. He tells us his story of getting in the insurance business, to growing a following unlike any other in Hancock County. He has a super cool story to tell and it’s only just the beginning....

Jason Cass- The Real Agency Intelligence

This weeks episode features my main man Jason Cass. Jason is a staple in our industry. He’s contributed so much value to the insurance industry and taught me more than he knows. He comes in to tell his story, and inspire us with so much advice so many tips. He challenges us to be better throughout the episode.

Mike Stromsoe- LETS GROW!!!!

Mayor sits down with Mike Stromsoe author of the Unstoppable Profit Producer. He also has a boot camp program and owner of his own Agency in California. He’s an incredible motivational speaker as welll. He talks about the 3 P’s , cousins camp, and gives a ton ton ton of gold Nuggets in this episode . I hope you enjoy this one .

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